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Luminous Tree Of Life Necklace

Regular price $25.00

This astonishing glow in the dark Tree of Life necklace is a unique piece that you must have in your collection. These beautiful glowing stones will light up your night and let your mind rest in tranquility. These necklaces come in four mystical and calming colors. Choose your favorite color, or get all four to hang up as luminous decoration. 

The tree of life is symbol of healing. It represents rejuvenation, immortality and sustenance You have the roots, the trunk, branches, leaves, and all types of fruit coming from the same tree, these things are life sustaining. The roots dig deep, the trunk establishes a foundation, the branches reach out for sustenance, the leaves collect strength, and the fruit gives of itself. The significance of the leaves of the tree have been thought to be "healing" in its properties, so we look at healing both physically and spiritually.

Pendant Size: 2.45*1.6cm

Shipping times may take up to 3 - 4 weeks as each piece is handcrafted for perfection.


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